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January Favorites

Well, here we are. January has left, and February has arrived.  It’s over just like that! It feels like January just started and I was anticipating the semester beginning, and now it’s in full blown with due dates coming up fast! January so far has brought many cold (and snowy days), but it has also brought many sunny and warm days as well. Which I definitely prefer, 100 percent. January also brought this blog! I only started it a few weeks ago and I already find myself flowing with ideas of posts I am going to write! I’m not one to believe in waiting until the New Year or Monday to start making new habits and getting creative, but I am happy to say that this blog has come from me pushing myself to be a better version of who I am!

With the numerous of ideas that have been stirring in my mind, there is one that I feel like would be a good series to include on my blog once every month. And that would be my “favorites of the month.” One of my favorite YouTubers who does this is Whitney Simmons. She is a fitness vlogger who also incorporates her lifestyle favorites like makeup, clothing, skin care, you name it! Whatever she finds she is obsessing over in the moment, and finds worthy to make a video about it, she puts it in her vlog. I loved the idea of doing just that, especially because I have an obsessive personality and wont stop talking about something I adore until people are ready to slap me. SO lets get started shall we….

Little Terracotta Man

Back at the end of December, Jared and I got tickets to go see the Terracotta Army exhibit at our local art museum. The exhibit was very interesting to witness and to learn about the history that surrounds the culture. Once you get to the end of the exhibit and get to experience the army in person, it truly is amazing seeing these stone men created to protect an emperor from a time period so behind our technological advances. It really brings light to what humans are capable of.

The gift shop is directly off to the back once finished with the exhibit so we decided to take a look around and see how much it would cost to have one of those little Terracotta men for a souvenir. Naturally, they were $50 for a less than 12 inch statue. I said forget it, and exited the gift shop empty handed. A couple of weeks later, I was shopping in an antique store when I spotted a Terracotta man just like the one that I had seen in the gift shop, only this one was priced at $12! It was such a steal, I had to have one for my house. Leaving this find to be one of my favorites of the month!

Workout Clothing

Okay guys, if there is anything to know about me it is that I live in workout clothes and it is very hard for me to migrate away from that. If I’m feeling cute in some kind of outfit, just know that I’m probably strutting around in leggings and a crop top. So of course, one of my favorite purchases of the month is going to be dedicated to something bought to get my sweat on.

A brand that has sincerely stole my whole heart and wont give it back, is the company Gymshark. I have been a fan for quite some time now, but they have really stepped up their game here in the past year. I have slowly thrown out any other brand of work out clothes and have replaced them with all things Gymshark. Not even kidding. But better act fast ladies, because their items don’t stay in stock for long! Including my favorite, the seamless long sleeve in lilac. I have actively tried purchasing this long sleeve for months now, and have finally managed to get my hands on it in the month of January.


Ugly Green Ottoman

Also, something you will learn quick about me is that I absolutely love shopping at second hand and antique stores. I always find the cutest out-of-date furnisher and try my best to bring it back to modern times. Sometimes I have these big ambitions of making it a DIY kind of thing and restoring it to its original glory. That’s exactly what my intentions were when I found the perfect sized ottoman to fit my couch.

Someday I might still try DIYing it back to something worth having, but I have slowly fallen in love with its current state of an odd, outdated color. Ugly, baby puke green, with buttons all around it. It doesn’t match anything else I have, but I’m starting to find it to be a statement piece (maybe?) So as of right now, it has remained in its current condition and unless I get the desire to change it to match, it probably will stay the ugly green that I have come to love as one of my January finds!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites of January. The list is pretty short since January came and gone so fast, but I think the February list will be even more exciting to share!